About Us

After a diagnosis, owner Robert Walker gives the property owner the best, most cost effective solution to keep them dry. While there are companies that sell just French drains or just sump pumps, Walker says his company offers all types of solutions.

“We figure out where the problem is occurring, where the water is seeping in, and then identify a solution to solve the problem,” he said.

Walker knows what to look for, whether it be hints of mold, bowing cinder block walls in the basement from water pressure pushing in, or leaders and gutters on the outside that are misplaced or damaged causing water to revert back toward the house instead of away from it. From different coatings and membranes that keep water out to a number of new technologies that address water seepage, Walker said he draws from a large arsenal on his attack against encroaching water.

“Generally, people think they have one solution, and they call us asking for it,” said Walker. “They’re shocked when I tell them that there are more solutions that work better and many that cost less.”

Some of his solutions for mold removal include sponge blasting, ice blasting and as was the case in many basements due to Hurricane Sandy, he would cleanse the basements with pneumonia chloride based products because they kill bacteria, mold and fungus. He said this method was preferred after Sandy because there was a lot of raw sewage that seeped in homes because of the storm. Walker approaches each basement with a different perspective on how to fix the problem, but the outcome always remains the same: the basement ends up dry and mold free.

Advanced Basement uses top end products, such as better sealers or high-end sump pumps rather than using cheaper materials that will not hold up over time. They want their products to hold up as well in a hurricane as they do in a 20-minute downpour. Advanced Basement is now offering a sump pump that has a two float system. A float is a switch that automatically turns the sump pump on, but is also the part of the pump that fails most often. So now with Advanced Basement’s two float system pumps, if the first one fails the second one turns on and sounds an alarm that lets you know the first one failed.

“We offer our customers high-end products at really fair prices,” he said. “We have a sump pump that checks itself every seven days warning of a problem before it exists and emergency battery back up pumps that pumped for five days without electricity during last year’s storms.”

Walker said he takes great care to keep himself up-to-date and educated on the latest techniques in his industry. His certifications include Mold Assessment, Mold Tester, Mold Remediator, Master Indoor Environmental Specialist and Lead Renovator. Overall, Walker and his team are certified by eight different manufacturers which include over 30 products.

“The nice thing about being certified is that means we were trained by the factory, we follow specific methodologies; and that’s a little different than most companies,” he said.

Walker started helping people with their water issues quite innocently, at first. With a long background in construction, his original business centered on doing full reconstruction and remodeling jobs. During one such remodel job in Wyckoff, he realized it was going to cost more to correct the water issue than the cost to remodel.

“I realized we could fix the water issue for less, and after we did so, they gave our number to a couple of neighbors and those neighbors told two neighbors, and here we are 30 years later,” Walker explained.

Yet, more and more homeowners are discovering his services all the time. With his goal to keep people dry, he says his solutions work and come with a lifetime guarantee. With their long history, he said he is proud of their reputation and how much people trust him to come into their homes. His crew carefully takes apart basements that are finished so they may be put back together drier and neater than before. He works with contractors that he can recommend to finish the job properly. Much like the way Walker likes to keep his prices affordable, he recommends contractors that do outstanding work for affordable prices, as well.

So, if your day is not “very dry,” give Advanced Basement Solutions a call at 1-888-VERY-DRY or 888-837-9379, and they will rescue your damp, or even soaked basement, whether the water comes from rain, snow or leaks.